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No. 15639    
We know what it is we want
We have a collective mind
We don't miss a single step
We're always right behind
We know we serve someone else
We have swallowed our pride
We march to this tune of loss
We take this in our stride

We are the Stalkers
We are your shadow

It's me
I really hope you will be able to hear this
And I hope it won't take too long
I feel completely lost and I know there is
Something really strange going on

I've been like this far too long
It's getting worse and worse
I feel like I haven't slept in ages

I can feel my thoughts dying out
So my last thought is just your name
And it is all that will remain
I can hear them coming
I will be one of them
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No. 15640    
I'll slip through their guard!
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